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Hi there! Welcome to my NoFapSoliDeo blog.

My story can be found in my first post, along with a description of who I am. I set up this blog as a place to permanently publish my experiences quitting porn, sexual fantasy and masturbation. I’m not the only one quitting this stuff – there’s a whole subreddit devoted to it. That’s where the ‘nofap’ in the title of this blog comes from. And my user name on reddit is ‘solideo’. I have been encouraged by the stories of other guys and girls who have quit porn and masturbation for much longer than me, so go and have a look.

I’m single and celibate, so that means no ejaculation at all. This is what we call ‘hard mode’. Some will say that it is impossible. I sure used to think so. But it’s been over 80 days now, so I guess it must be possible 🙂

I hope you find something here that interests you, or even better, helps you to overcome unwanted behaviour patterns.

Thanks for reading!



  1. eric says:

    nice to hear about your success .
    i am just started on my journey after just becoming a christian a few months ago
    it is a tough one but am holding strong for the most part

  2. Matt Cook says:

    This is great stuff. I would love to chat with you. I publish products for guys overcoming sexual problems. Maybe I could anonymously interview you. I can pay you for the interview.

  3. Matt Cook says:

    Eric, I highly recommend YourBrainOnPorn.com and Reuniting.info. And YourBrainRebalanced.com helps a lot of people also. My own approach is a bit different. I have studied how to get rid of bad habits and take advantage of the brain’s ability to remold itself, known as neuroplasticity.

    • eric says:

      Hey Matt
      I am already on Yourbrainonporn.com but every little bit helps
      I recently became a Christian and am new to this struggle

  4. Daniel G says:

    Hey I just came across your website and love it. I’m 19 and been a Christian my whole life and been struggling with it. I’m a virgin and not ejaculating at all is..stressful. The longest I lasted was 7 months a few years back but it almost seems impossible. But after reading your nofap for 70 days I learned some great techniques. So thanks!

    • nofapsolideo says:

      Hey Daniel, thanks for your comment!

      I know what you mean about it seeming impossible! I used to think that too 🙂

      If you take anything away from my blog – believe that it IS possible to go for months without ejaculating, and at the same time keeping your thoughts and fantasies where you want them.

      The fact that you did 7 months a few years back should be encouraging – you’ve done it before!

      All the best!

  5. Humxirt says:

    Hey Nofapsolideo,
    first I really wanted to thank your for this great blog and I believe you are doing an amazing work.
    I also wanted to know if I could talk to you through PM (private message, you should have access to my e mail) because I have a project I wanted to share with you.

    Thanks for the amazing work, and the numerous people you are helping out there!
    Take care

  6. John says:

    Hello man,

    Thanks for your testimony.
    I must admit I struggle with the masturbation issue too…
    I’m 29, I’m Christian for 7 years now and yes, I feel terrible because of that issue.
    I mean, I feel like my relationship with the Lord stagnate because of my sexual troubles.
    Every time I give in, I beg for forgiveness and then the all thing come all over again. I’m so tired, you know…
    What you’ve written encourages me. I see I’m not the only one who faces that struggles.

    Could you tell me something, you wrote your post about 2 years ago. Since then are you still in the “nofap” process? I mean is it really possible? Years without ejaculation? I’ve tried several times, after a week or two without masturbating. Finally, it ends up with nocturnal emission…

    Again thank you for sharing your experience.


    • nofapsolideo says:

      Hi John, thanks for the comment!

      I totally understand your struggle – I also used to pray for forgiveness, resolve to never do it again, and then see it happen again and again. It’s so tiring and discouraging. But believe me – you can break free of that cycle 🙂

      To answer your question, I’m still in the nofap process, but I’ve been married for a year now, so it’s completely different, obviously. I don’t masturbate or have sexual fantasies, but I have a regular sex like with my wife.

      Having said that, I’m quite certain that it’s possible to go for two years or even more without masturbation or sex. But you will have nocturnal emissions. They are normal, healthy and not under our control, so they’re not something you should worry about.

      One reason I know it is possible to go for years without sex or mastubation is that I only discovered masturbation at age 19, and was still a virgin. So that’s at least 5 years after puberty that I didn’t masturbate or have sex – the only ejaculation was in nocturnal emissions.

      I hope that answers your question 🙂

      • John says:


        A big thank for your answer!
        Really, you really encouraged me. It’s good to know it is possible to break free!
        It’s good to know somebody went through the same struggle and can understand… I think everybody knows that issue but I think it makes people a bit uncomfortable to talk about it. So everybody acts like there’s no problem :-)!
        Anyway, thank you!
        Glad you got married.
        Glad this issue is definitely behind you!


      • nofapsolideo says:

        You’re welcome, and thanks for your comments!

  7. anon says:

    God bless you dude!

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